All Woman SuperWide knee high trial pack


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  • Maximum upper calf stretch varies from 25″-37″ (89 to 95cm)
  • Designed for comfort, not compression
  • This contains one of each of our deniers and styles so you can decide which is the most comfy
  • x 1 pair All Woman SuperWide 20 denier knee highs (natural)
  • x 1 pair All Woman SuperWide 40 denier knee highs (black)
  • x 1 pair All Woman SuperWide 120 denier knee highs (black)
  • x 1 pair All Woman SuperWide 20 denier anklets (natural)

For wide or swollen lower legs and ankles, this discounted The Size Experts trial pack offers the chance to try out all 4 SuperWide styles to see which is most suitable for your needs. Colours are a mix of black and natural.

Please note that these are not compression garments.


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  1. They are brilliant

    I have Lipodemia and struggled to get any below knee socks of any kind. I got the trial pack which has allowed me to see what’s on offer. All I can say is they are brilliant.

    Jackie / Posted on (26/03/2019)

  2. Comfortable & Warm

    I sent for the trial pack and shared them with my sister. We are both pleased with them. I particularly likes the 120 denier black ones. Not only did they come up to my knee but they were so long they went up to the top of my thighs and even then I had to fold the tops over. Despite my ample thighs they were extremely comfortable and very very warm 😀

    Margaret / Posted on (28/02/2019)

  3. Not tight, fit comfortably

    Absolutely love my knee highs and the bra I got. The knee highs are so easy to get on and so comfortable. I quite often have my legs bandaged because of leg ulcers but these fit comfortably over them, not tight in the least.

    Barbara Horn / Posted on (23/01/2019)

  4. I highly recommend The Size Experts knee highs and anklets for anyone dealing with lymphoedema or lipoedema that want to change the look of their compression stockings or need hosiery for an event. I had no dents left by them, no rubbing, no extra tightness.

    Cara / Posted on (12/12/2018)

  5. Great stretch in them. Good for swollen legs and feet

    I bought these for my mother who is confined to wheelchair with swollen legs, which often need dressings. I can find any slippers/socks that will go on her feet. At last I’ve found these. I bought a mixed pack to try and these thick ones are the largest, widest ever. They save any pressure on her legs. They have covered her dressings and go up to her knee which is great, they are long thankfully. Thanks for making them. Any idea where I can source soft big slippers?

    Hilly / Posted on (11/10/2018)

  6. So impressed!

    I am so impressed – I ordered the trial pack and it was excellent value for money, excellent service and best of all they don’t stop the circulation in my knees. Thank you very much.

    JEx / Posted on (27/10/2017)