All Woman SuperWide 120 denier knee highs


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  • Our widest knee highs
  • Stretch up to 33″ (85cm) calf
  • 120 Denier – cosy and warm
  • With microfibre, for maximum durability and softness
  • Fit shoe size 3 to 11, EEEE wide
  • Exceptionally ladder-resistant
  • Made in Italy

These are the The Size Experts widest knee highs, with a very soft and deep cuff that won’t dig in. Almost impossible to snag or ladder. The material has just below the thickness of a sock, so if you’re needing extra coverage, durability and warmth, this is the knee high to go for.

If your calf measurement is less than 20 inches (52cm), these may be too large for you, although you could wear them over the knee.

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  1. Comfortable & Warm

    I sent for the trial pack and shared them with my sister. We are both pleased with them. I particularly likes the 120 denier black ones. Not only did they come up to my knee but they were so long they went up to the top of my thighs and even then I had to fold the tops over. Despite my ample thighs they were extremely comfortable and very very warm 😀

    Margaret / Posted on (28/02/2019)

  2. Highly recommend

    I highly recommend The Size Experts knee highs and anklets for anyone dealing with lymphoedema or lipoedema that want to change the look of their compression stockings or need hosiery for an event. I had no dents left by them, no rubbing, no extra tightness.

    Cara / Posted on (12/12/2018)

  3. I will wear the black over my compression stockings when I need a black look for an outfit. It will be a lot cheaper compared to a black pair of my Medi custom compression stockings. The black 120 denier even covered my lilac argyle print compression stockings.

    Cara / Posted on (12/12/2018)

  4. Wow, just wow!

    I have very large calves and have always struggled to get any hosiery to fit them at all – however, these are actually so big that I can pull them over my knee with ease. As I grow older, my legs become more swollen and painful and I was looking for some comfort and warmth , I can honestly say that I have found it ! Don’t hesitate to buy these , they are amazing !

    carsmccall / Posted on (10/10/2018)

  5. Knee-highs that are genuinely knee-high

    Knee-highs that are genuinely knee-high. I have very wide calves and lipoedema which means a lot of swelling, and I’ve also got big feet (size 9/10). Knee-highs on me inevitably end up about 3 inches above my ankle. But these are perfect-they fit well, the stretch is amazing, and they go all the way to my knees! Also, they don’t roll down-usually I find that with wear, knee highs used to end up rolling down or being pulled down when walking and get all rucked up, but it doesn’t happen with these at all. The are perfect for wearing under trousers and are as warm as socks but without the bulk. The fabric is very smooth and comfortable to wear, and they also wash very well. I’ve got a few pairs of these that are worn and washed regularly, and none of them have pulled or run, and there is no bobbling or really any sign of wear. They are quite expensive for knee-highs but they are definitely worth it because they last far longer than any other brand I’ve tried.

    Mabelbabel / Posted on (24/09/2018)

  6. Very cosy

    Nicest knee highs I have bought. Very cosy with the extra denier working well on cold days. Good comfy fit and hold up well when used all day, material just adds to the product.
    Will buy again.

    Amazon / Posted on (23/04/2017)

  7. Warm & toasty

    Got these for my elderly mother in law because we couldn’t find socks big enough for her legs. They keep her very warm and toasty. Would recommend

    Winnie / Posted on (04/12/2016)

  8. Stay up all day!

    Very roomy but are lovey and soft and stay up all day!

    NC / Posted on (02/11/2016)