All Woman pull on bra


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  • Fits up to a 56″ back (142cm)
  • No back fastening – simply pull it over your head
  • Soft and comfortable material
  • Wide, soft straps reduce pressure on the neck and shoulders
  • High back prevents strap slippage
  • Comfortable to sleep in
  • Can fit an F cup in some cases. If not, please return for a refund.
  • Matching seamless knickers available
  • Made in Italy

For size advice call The Size Experts on 01326 373 268. We will be happy to help.

This bra has no clasps or fastenings, so perfect for those with reduced mobility in the hands or shoulders. It’s very easy to put on over your head. Very soft and comfortable to wear all day, or to sleep in, with nothing that could dig in or cause discomfort. The all-over softness is also perfect for those with sensory issues or breast tenderness.

Note: This bra is made for comfort rather than support, so if you have very large breasts then it’s best for lounging around or as a sleep bra. For more support when out and about, some of our customers wear two at once.


Customer Reviews

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Oh wow!! Seriously this bra is perfect for many reasons, all equally important. I am a broad 53 back but only a small D. I have always been in agony because the circumference in my other bras have been a minimum of 7 inches too small. I have on a daily basis painfully felt that all the way around my chest is being crucified and have felt that I am about to have a heart attack and I mean that seriously because it has been to tight. I literally had given up hope after searching for years to find a bra wide enough and although you can get bras for virtually any size breasts the width for the likes of me is always forgotten about. Most times I have had to go out not wearing one and hide my breasts under baggy tops baggy coats and a thick scarf draped in front to hide the fact of not wearing one because the thought of putting one on has just been too much to bare. I have been on Amazon and many other places looking desperately looking for what I needed but never found one although I have ordered but they have always you been the same too tight. I have just opened my package firstly I cannot believe the speed I only bought the bra last night and it's here. I took it out and the first thing I LOVED is the material beautifully soft not that shiny polyester that makes you sweat but soft BREATHABLE fabric! I didn't hold out much hope for the fit but OMG it fits but there is EXTRA ROOM! EXTRA SPACE! I AM NOT BEING CRUSHED! MY HEART DOES NOT FEEL AS IF IT IS BEING STRANGLED! Believe it or not I have just shed a tear and called my sister and told her about my new bra! Thank you soooo much I am just about to order more.
I CANNOT BELIEVE IT! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I can breath. From the bottom of my heart thank you.


Got 2 pairs before Christmas. I am very hard to please and don't often leave comments. I am a plus size and have to say they are fabulous so comfortable, obviously not meant for support but definitely for around the house.


These bras are great if you have to go for chest x-rays/scans etc, you can keep these on instead of wearing the hospital modesty tops - saves time and laundry costs for the hospitals and gives you more dignity in my opinion (obviously this doesn't apply for mammograms).


I just received my first one today, as soon as I put it on I felt like I was not wearing a bra at all! One issue is that I ordered what my normal bra size is, however I feel like I could go down a size so I think when I order again I will try the smaller size. However this one will do for just around the house and nipping out to the shops. Keep in mind these are not your traditional bra so do not offer as much support as your traditional bra does. I can 100% recommend this company and I will surely be back to order more of these bras and even some knickers too.


Best bra I've ever bought! So comfy, I can't see me ever reverting back to traditional bra's ever again