All Woman 20 denier tights


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  • Our largest tights
  • Size range UK22-42
  • Hips up to 100″ (225cm)
  • Thigh up to 40″ (100cm)
  • Suitable for medium to tall people
  • Panels: front and back
  • Made in Italy


The Size Experts: These are the largest tights we sell –  roomy on the thigh, hip and belly, with a high waist. They’re very easy to put on, without having to inch them awkwardly up the thigh. They’re also ideal for taller people as they have plenty of length in the leg. If you are shorter and at the lower end of the size range, try our All Woman 20 denier short tights.

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  1. A joy!

    I’ve now got quite a few pairs of different tights from The Size Experts and they are all amazing. They are well worth the money and it is a joy not fighting and struggling to pull tights up.

    Elaine Stubbs / Posted on (16/01/2020)

  2. Amazing tights!

    The most comfiest, amazing tights I’ve ever worn, comfort is absolutely unreal xxx

    Stace A / Posted on (01/01/2020)

  3. So comfortable

    Love the tights so comfortable excellent service

    Greta Solman / Posted on (25/10/2019)

  4. Can't believe how comfy they are!

    Finally wore my pair the other day that I bought last year – can’t believe how comfy they were! I’ve always struggled getting the top of the thigh to fit in all plus sized tights (I’m a 63 inch hip and huge thighs to go with it)! I was truly shocked and amazed that these fit lovely (got size UK22-32, I’m 5ft5). I’d def recommend and will be buying more!

    Lisa Singleton / Posted on (18/10/2019)

  5. Life-changing!

    Previously, it was not unusual for my thighs to be bleeding because of other brand tights after a long day (especially in warm weather). I’d tried anti chafing tights, anti chafing cream for athletes and softer, more expensive tights. As a size 22/24, I’ve been wearing tights for a size 32 and they’re still too tight around the tops off my thighs. They would leave me with deep groves and even with the bleeding, red lumped thighs, I’d be forced to spend a small fortune on tights each month as I’d only get one or two wears out of them.

    Finally, fed up, I decided to take a gamble on this company and wow!!!! Seriously, you don’t get it. I don’t think about my tights day to day… that’s how good they are. They stay up. They hug my legs but don’t make me sweat in warm weather. They fit so comfortably at the right size for me. Now only am I a completely loyal customer now with my comfortable, pain-free legs with a whole variety of thickness and colours to choose from.

    I just wanted to tell you that even if you have a bad day at work, remember that there are loads of women like me out there whose life you are changing with something as simple as tights. Thank you so much for making these products.

    Zoe / Posted on (30/05/2019)

  6. Heaven!

    Just a quick email to say your tights are amazing. Being a size 28/30 makes shopping for undergarments proper hard, I originally found your website through googling “plus size tights uk” and the majority of other places I looked only went up to a 24 if I was lucky then I stumbled upon heaven, oh wait not heaven, just the big bloomers company, but close enough.

    I’ve never worn comfier tights before. I originally bought a pair of nude ones for a wedding not thinking they’d last past the end of the night its 4 months later and they’re still going strong! I get so many compliments on them, especially as they match my skin tone you cant even tell I’m wearing tights.

    Steph Richardson / Posted on (14/05/2019)

  7. Fabulous tights

    Prompt service and the tights were fabulous – now, whenever I get chatting to a proper-sized lady I recommend your company so I hope they order in turn.

    Liz / Posted on (18/03/2019)

  8. These tights are fab! Definiely true to size. I was towards the top end of the sizing (more mid now after a weight loss) and they are a great fit. Mine lasted all winter…3 pairs handled carefully and washed with care. I certainly wasn’t disappointed.

    Lorraine.Hel / Posted on (21/01/2019)

  9. I’m a size 24 and 5’4 and these are lovely! They don’t bag or wrinkle on my short legs and even after washing they fit beautifully. As I have osteoarthritis in my right hip I put them on by pulling the tights up from the ankle, again no sagging or wrinkling and no snagging in the material either.

    Gx / Posted on (21/01/2019)

  10. The most comfortable tights I have ever worn!!!

    The most comfortable tights I have ever worn!!! Never been a fan of tights as could never get any that fit…but these have restored my faith in tights!

    LisaBx / Posted on (10/11/2018)

  11. Amazingly stretchy

    Brilliant and next day delivery! Great quality and amazingly stretchy. Definitely will buy more.

    Mari C / Posted on (18/10/2018)

  12. I feel happy & confident again!

    I just don’t understand how these are so so good! I’ve got big legs and struggle with tights and hold ups and all those kinds of things so wasn’t holding any hope out for them but for the £2 trial I had to. I cried when I put them both on, I cried and cried and cried I can’t believe I’ve finally found somewhere that I can comfortably buy from and know they are going to fit. Thank you so much you’ve made me so happy and confident again!

    Francesca / Posted on (10/10/2018)

  13. I'm super thrilled!!!

    Well I just want to say thank you and express how elated I am! I have tried plus size tights over the years and either they are to tight and small and can’t get them on or while literally wrestling them on my fingers have gone through them and I gave up!
    When I saw the trial for the tights I was as always hopeful with slight sadness and trepidation. Well they arrived super quick and today is the day that I bought them for as I’m going to a charity vintage dance tonight. So showered, face on and now ready I get the tights out of the packet and they feel loved and not tight like a coiled spring and I put my first foot in and it goes in and then my lower leg no resistance and then did the same again with the other leg and here’s where the issues usually start but NO I pulled them up with ease no fight no sadness just total elation and I’m super thrilled!!!
    Well done you guys you have done something that I never thought would be possible and I’m wearing my flamingo dress which makes me feel like a million dollars!
    I will be definitely ordering more tights as it’s my birthday this month and my daughter is taking me away. Thank you again xxxx

    Page EK / Posted on (07/10/2018)

  14. Highly recommend!

    Bought a trial pair and they fit!!! I was so happy! The only place I have found where they supply tights for larger ladies. Thank you for setting this business up! Highly recommend!

    Hannah Russell / Posted on (27/09/2018)

  15. I'm so happy!

    I just don’t understand how these as so so good! I’ve got big legs and struggle with tights and all those kinds of things so wasn’t holding any hope out for them but for £2 trail you have to, I cried when I put them on. I can’t believe I’ve finally found somewhere that I can comfortably buy from and know they are going to fit, thankyou so much you’ve made my so happy.

    Fransessca L / Posted on (23/09/2018)

  16. Omg omg amazing great just wow. So so happy :)

    After searching high and low for tights for the curvy woman I was about to give up when I Saw a review that suggested you. Omg found the company look at all the reviews on there tights I thought ok let’s says if the reviews live up to its name . Fast delivery. Omg an amazing product finally after all these years been curvy lady with big legs and big bum i could finally tights again say bye bye to leggings . I used these for my birthday night out on the 2nd February 2018 first night in 5years these were so comfortable little big but never once did I need to pull my tights up like most of the woman I saw in the loo. I wish I knew about this company years ago . Thank you ladies who made the company up you truly make things to fit us curvy woman . Thank you . Highly recommended you will not be disappointed

    Lea / Posted on (22/09/2018)

  17. I am thrilled!

    I had to write to Thank You for your tights. I have just been on a cruise and whereas before I was limited to either long dresses or trousers, this time I could wear shorter dresses because I had proper tights ! I was so happy AND COMFORTABLE ! I Had my doubts about the size, but they were plenty big enough for me at a size 22 and so much stretch left they were easy to put on. I know where to buy my tights from now on. Because they’re so flexible I haven’t even laddered them. All I can say is I am thrilled. Thank you.

    Janice / Posted on (18/09/2018)

  18. What more can a sexy big girl want?

    This is not the FIRST time I have ordered these tights and it will not be the LAST time that I do so. They are a large fit but they are comfortable and durable. What more can a sexy big girl want?
    I will recommend this product – especially as winter draws nearer and they are available in different deniers!

    Mrs Hollie M. Johnston / Posted on (01/09/2018)

  19. Great tights. Good value for money

    Wow. I’ve not worn tights for a decade or more but desperately needed some for a funeral. Knowing my track record with getting into tights I bought 3 pairs but the first pair went on so easily I now have two spare pairs. No fighting to get them past my knees, the crotch is where it should be, no baggy ankles and the waist doesn’t roll down when I bend over. What a result. The funeral won’t be the best day but at least I don’t have to worry about my tights!

    Daisy / Posted on (08/08/2018)

  20. Beautifully soft

    Just what I’ve been looking for. I have very swollen legs and arthritic hands and it has become more difficult over time to cope with my usual tights. These are beautifully soft and very stretchy and I can manage them perfectly. I like the colour and they look great on. Will definitely reorder!

    Mrs Jennifer Pedley / Posted on (10/07/2018)

  21. Tights that are comfortable!

    At last tights that are comfortable. I wore them for 12 hours and they did not roll down, the gusset stayed put and didn’t end up hanging down by my knees and no more Nora Batty legs. They were a little bigger than I expected but a better fit than standard ex large tights. Will buy again!

    Mrs. CFB Wilks / Posted on (12/02/2018)

  22. Overall pleased!

    Good tights but they do run quite big so had to put them on under my knickers to make sure they didn’t fall down at a wedding. Although as a large girl that was a novelty and they did stay in place on my legs with no wrinkles around my ankles so overall im quite pleased! Would definitely order again just maybe one size down next time.

    Michaela / Posted on (23/04/2017)

  23. Best fit I've found!

    Plenty of room round the middle, could get another bus in there. They are the best fit I’ve found, good quality and they don’t ladder easily.

    Amazon / Posted on (11/11/2015)