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SuperWide knee highs

Trial pack

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  • All Woman seamless knickers

  • Plus size woman in black cotton t-shirt wearing plus size black plus size airtex lightweight cotton knickers

    All Woman lightweight airtex cotton knickers

  • Plus size woman in white t-shirt wearing plus size black cotton knickers

    All Woman cotton knickers

  • All Woman lace edged knickers

    UK18 - UK36+
  • All Woman airtex cotton short leg knickers

  • Smiling woman with long black curly hair wearing plus size cream coloured bra

    All Woman pull on bra

  • All Woman lace edged vest

  • All Woman lounger

  • Mesh 6 strap suspender belt

    UK22 - 34+
  • Magic stockings 20 denier

  • Text: Trial pack super wide knee highs. Four pairs women's legs wearing variety of sizes of natural and black plus size knee highs and anklets

    All Woman SuperWide knee high trial pack

    25"-37" (89-95cm) calf
  • Woman's right leg. Plus size 20 denier knee high stocking. Nail varnished hand extending top of knee high.

    All Woman SuperWide 20 denier knee highs

    Up to 37" (95cm) calf
  • Woman's left leg. Plus size 40 denier black knee high. Woman's hand stretching band of knee high.

    All Woman SuperWide 40 denier knee highs

    Up to 29" (75cm) calf
  • All Woman SuperWide 120 denier knee highs

    Up to 33" (85cm) calf
  • Woman's left leg and arm. Wearing 20 denier anklet. Hand stretching cuff of anklet.

    All Woman SuperWide 20 denier anklets

    Up to 30" (77cm) ankle
  • All Woman SuperWide cotton socks

    Shoe size 4-9
  • All Woman 20 denier tights

  • All Woman 50 denier tights

  • All Woman 150 denier microfibre tights

  • All Woman cotton tights

    UK16 - UK32
  • All Woman 180 denier tights – end of line

  • Plus size woman in black bra and knickers wearing plus size 20 denier natural coloured tights

    All Woman 20 denier shorter tights

  • Plus size woman wearing white super plus size waist slip calf length

    Extra large silky satin waist slip

  • Plus size hospital gown and pants

  • Plus size black boxer shorts

    Men’s cotton boxer shorts

    54"-66" waist
  • Organic cotton washable face masks (pack of 2)

    Medium & Large
  • Kids washable Q-Skin face masks

  • Double layer washable face mask with pocket

    One size